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What is something different and extraordinary for next summer? New adventures and horizons? Pure wilderness combined with rough Eastern Bloccities sounds like it could be amazing? That is the Baltic Sea Circle Rally!

Exploring the northern hemisphere in the ultimate 7.500-km road trip around the extraordinary Baltic Sea. GPS and electronic navigation systems have to stay at home, highways are not allowed and the cars are old…
This will be an epic adventure, where the sun won’t go down for 16 days straight.

Rally Dates Recall 2022
18 June – 03 July 2022

Meet the team

Leander, 42


Team Captain  

A real Dutch, but living in Germany. A Tesla lover, Henry’s owner, and travel addict, you will find a very rare person that can tell so many stories from his own experience and get all the sponsors by himself. He doesn’t drink beer, just tried palinka, but for sure is the only man that believed a Moldavian girl from the countryside doesn’t know how to cook. With his positiveness and optimism, try to challenge his craziness during the #BalticSeaCircle2022!

Redmer, 38


The main mechanic, Saab-nut, professional coffee-maker, and fitness-freak is Redmer. Living in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, and having 4 cars in his parking lot, he will repair anything that makes a noise and weld stuff together. He likes beer, not-so-much palinka, grilling, and is tired of finding sponsors. 😎

Arnoud, 41


Our professional dancer, social media-less, humoristic, and experienced #surströmming opener from Groningen, the Netherlands is Arnoud. He is a professional wind-analyzer, likes beer and not-so-much vodka, knows his way around a map (not on a map), and drives a slick 2-colored car. He knows how to barter!

Roxana, 31


The (sleeping) beauty among the beasts, our professional Palinka-drinker with a can-do mentality and points-winner is Roxana from Bucharest, Romania. Being fluent in programming languages, she will guide us through 10 countries and make sure that we will turn a paperclip into a bar of gold! Having no car herself and being shy in pictures during the #balkanexpress2018, she is the latest addition to the team!

Henry, 47 (1974)


Sir Henry is from British nobility and has a long tradition. It is unsure when the crossing from the UK to Germany was made after the initial English owner. Being the cheapest Rolls on ebay when purchased, it would have been good to do an extensive technical check before handing over the money. After being almost 1 year in the workshop and most of the vital parts replaced (fuel lines, valves, brakes, exhaust, etc.), Henry is finally on the road again with an oldtimer registration and ready to tour a lot.

  • 6.75 L V8 of brutal engineroarrrr
  • 189 horses under the bonnet
  • 3-speed automatic transmission
  • Wooden inlays
  • 4 big wheels and 1 spare (because you’ll never know)
  • Bit on the drinking-side…

Sven, 25 (1995)


Just as his precursor, Sven, Eric is just as well known in Scandinavia as it has its origin in Trollhatan, Sweden. For his age he has not that much km’s under his belt, just over 254.000 km’s driven. So there is room to put some extra ‘experience’!  Recently we have checked and renewed the suspension, so a trip to the North Cape will be smooth sailing in this luxury saloon car!
Downside on being a saloon car is we can’t pop the roof and enjoy the fresh and healthy Scandinavian air… But we do have climate control, so we should be ok!

  • 2.3l engine with a low-pressure turbo for some extra overtaking speed
  • 170 horses under the bonnet
  • 5-speed manual transmission, and a reverse gear
  • Wood trim dashboard
  • Automatic Climate Control
  • 5 seats 
  • 1 big trunk

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The Foundation

The Tomoka Support Foundation (TSF) works in southwest Togo and tries to help the population of a very poor community to build a decent life. TSF stimulates the population by offering concrete and practical help, e.g. by constructing wells and latrines. The school is also one of the priorities. Every cent that TSF receives is spent on one of the projects. Background information, the policy plan, all projects and priorities, news and promotions and also many photos can easily be found on our website. TSF has a good and reliable partner on site, NGO TOMOKA, with whom the lines are very short.




Education is one of the spearheads of TFS. Financial support is essential.

A year after we started supporting the school, the population built a new school themselves, which was slightly better than the old one. The biggest wish turned out to be a real school building with a roof that does not leak or blow away and real school benches, a blackboard and cupboards for teaching materials. Thanks to a large gift from thrift shop KOOK from Alkmaar, this new building could be completed at the end of 2016. In Jan. 2017, 2 TFS board members attended the festive opening. The population themselves helped provide more sand and water, so it has also become their school. In 2019, the plan was conceived to make the school independent and independent of donations. To this end, a project has been started in collaboration with Wilde Ganzen: “All children go to school thanks to a fruit orchard”. The first plantain cuttings (plantain = plantains) went into the ground in September 2019 and it is hoped that the income from this will cover costs in 3 years’ time. Secondary education in this area is centered in Kpékpéta and also needs care in the form of new school benches, a metal roof, etc.

First school meal a fact!

The children of the Edil school in Avégamé receive a meal at school for the first time from the proceeds of the first crop of bananas! Many children go to school without anything to eat and there is nothing to take with them, but learning on an empty stomach is bad! We hope that the performances will improve and that more children, who are not (yet) going to school, will sign up! The nutritious porridge that the children, including the toddlers, receive, is made from maize, sorghum, moringa, soya and rice. The kids love it!



Latest news

The Beginning

It is september 2019, a whatsapp message shows up in our Balkan Express 2018 group; 1. Are we going to participate in the 2020 Baltic Sea Circle edition? 2. Ehmm… 1. Sorry wrong question; who is going next year, I already subscribed 1 team 😊 3. Yeah sure! 2. Ahh, why not, I’m in! And […]

The Rally

The official rally page of the organizers with an overview of the rules and teams and during the rally you can track our route there.